Le Magasin - Grenoble

Mural work of art from Jared Madere - untitled

The Magasin is the National Center for Contemporary Art of Grenoble. The museum is installed in a former industrial site. Built in 1900 for the Exposition Universell of Paris, this steel structure was manufactured in the Eiffel workshops and then carry to Grenoble after demounting to the Bouchayet-Viallet site.

All year round, two temporary exhibitions are presented at the same time, both on different topics. They are distributed in two different spaces of the museum: la Rue (the street in french) which is the main space, directly under the steel dome of the old indutrial building and the Galeries, which are repainted and newly organized for every new exhibition.
From the 11th of Octobre 2014 to the 4th of January 2015, the two exhibitions presented by the Magasin are "Art in Pop" and "Doom Surface". The "Art in Pop" exhibition deals with the pop music of the 60's to the 90's and its relation to the art. It includes works of art from the following artists: JOHN ARMLEDER / DAVID BOWES / TONY CONRAD / JERRY GARCIA (GRATEFUL DEAD) / DAVID HUMPHREY / DANIEL JOHNSTON / CRIS KIRKWOOD (MEAT PUPPETS) / JUTTA KOETHER / TAKUJI KOGO / BILL KOMOSKI / ALIX LAMBERT / RANDY LUDACER / FRANK LUTZ / MALCOLM MCLAREN / JOHN MILLER / TONY OURSLER / GREG PARMA SMITH / GENESIS P-ORRIDGE / AURA ROSENBERG / DAVID THOMAS (PERE UBU) / THE RED KRAYOLA / DON VAN VLIET (CAPTAIN BEEFHEART) / ALAN VEGA. 
The "Doom Surface" exhibition, on which you can find some pictures below, deals with the contamination of the works of art from external pollutions and pieces of art itslef. The artists presented are MATHIS ALTMANN, OLGA BALEMA, MAX BRAND, ALEKSANDER HARDASHNAKOV, RENAUD JEREZ, VEIT LAURENT KURZ, JARED MADERE, LUCIE STAHL.

For more information about the Magasin: http://www.magasin-cnac.org/

Work of Art from Veit Laurent Kurz- untitled

Space of La Rue at the Magasin
Works of art from Aleksander Hardashnakov - Meandering Through Millenia (left) and Hooked up to a Machine (right)

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