Nevercrew - Ordering Machine

Every year in June since already three years now, the association of Spacejunk in Grenoble (art center) organises the very cool Grenoble Street Art Fest. Last year was a very good edition, with more than 40 artists involved in the creation of more than 100 paintings disseminated into the city. 
It is unique opportunity for citizens to discover street art and see how these artists work and express themsleves through there drawings. For the city, it definitely decorates it and helps to question each of us, because most of these works aims at deliver a social message.
As June is coming soon with the 2017 edition, it is a good chance for me to remember my favorite painting of last year: "Ordering Machine" by Nevercrew, 26 rue Bergers, Grenoble, France.
And now, can't wait for the Street Art Fest 2017!

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