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Hi! I'm Karine. I'm 29 years old and I live in Grenoble area, a city in the french Alpes.  In life, I'm an engineer. But my real passions are about interior designing, decoration, architecture, design, and art.
These passions started when I bought for the first time an apartment with my husband. It was a three bedrooms apartment, at the top of a brand new building dowtown. The style of the decoration was exclusively contemporary, in order to fit with the building atmosphere. But after few years, we decided to move out of the city and we started to look for a house in 2015. We wanted to go back to nature, with a garden to take care, and to change of style by moving in an old house. Finally we found the good one beginning of 2016: a traditional house from the 70's. Even if it is a solid and healthy building, an important refreshing of the interior, but also of the garden are required. So we've just started this wonderful adventure! And I'll keep you in touch of the progress here ;).
In parallel, I decided to start this new blog in order to share my last findings and discoveries, my "deco crushes", all that can inspire me, and I hope you as well!
So  thank you for stopping by and hanging out with me!

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