My son's room

We have recently renovated the room of our son, as the rest of our house. The wallpaper was too old and we wanted a new fresh color.
First we had to remove the old wallpaper. This was the easiest part. Then we had to prepare the walls by removing the old plaster that was falling by himself, opening the holes, and cleaning the walls with a special washing powder. Same steps for the ceiling.
After that the walls were cleaned, we had to apply spackle on the nail holes. Then we plastered the entire surface of the walls with a finishing compounds, before to gently sand them to get a smooth surface. At this step we painted the ceiling. To finish, we used a primer before to apply two layers of "icy blue" painting.
And here is the result! 

Popop bed // AM.PM
Bean bag // La Redoute
Rug // Ikea
Fairy lights // La Case de Cousin Paul
Garland // Numero 74
Diaper // Numero 74
Quilt // home made
Chester of drawers and cradle // vintage
Armchair // 366 Concept
Pendant light fitting // home made

During renovation

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