Origami pendant light fitting

I was looking for an original but not too expensive pendant light fitting for my son's room, and I found on the web that the recent tendancy for Origami lampe-shade was very interesing one! After few hours on my laptop and several trials with white papers, I finaly found the right tutorial to manage to do it by myself.
There is actually nothing really difficult to use Origami folding technic to make a nice lamp-shape, but you would definitely need to be very patient, calm and meticulous. First, you must be very precise when you draw the lines to follow for the folding. If you miss one milimeter, it could impact the whole shape after folding. Then, from my point of view, the difficult part is the folding itself: you must precisely follow the lines, otherwise, at the end you won't manage to shape it! And the most important are the angles!!
For the installation, I added to my pendant a black textile thread and a metallic-gold socket to the bulb.
I thank the community for sharing the good tutorials because it is a really nice idea, and particularly Lemon Rock for the precise guidlines!

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